United Oromo Refugees  Association in Egypt

Caaya Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Masrii
United Oromo Refugees Association- UORA-EGYPT


  • In Yemen and Libya
    In Yemen and Libya
  • In Northern Kenya
    In Northern Kenya
  • In Yemen and Libya
    In Yemen and Libya
  • Through the Desert of Arabia
    Through the Desert of Arabia
  • Trafficked by Rashaaida
    Trafficked by Rashaaida
  • In Arabia and Sahara desert
    In Arabia and Sahara desert
  • In kakuma Camp kenya
    In kakuma Camp kenya
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  • In Libya and Saloum
    In Libya and Saloum
  • In Kakuma Camps
    In Kakuma Camps
  • UNHCR should protect Oromo refugees
    UNHCR should protect Oromo refugees
  • In Egypt
    In Egypt
  • In ALl Africa, Oromo refugees are suffering
    In ALl Africa, Oromo refugees are suffering
In Yemen and Libya
In Yemen and Libya

About Our Website

www.uora-egypt.webs.com is an online media outlet serving the Oromo refugees Community in Egypt and its Diaspora voice. www.uora-egypt.webs.com is also a source of vast information about Oromo refugees in Africa. The www.uora-egypt.webs.com Cairo's website is to promote clear insights of the plights of Oromo refugees in Egypt regarding the many variations experience as far as Oromo refugees exist in Egypt. We hope that each visitor who reviews the pages of this site will leave them with a better understanding of our plights and approaches to coupling that have always existed and will continue to exist as long as there are at least two Oromo's fighting for their rights with other Human being living on this planet. If the effort put into creating and maintaining this site results in others coming to the realization that the basic human need to help and be helped takes on many forms which are accepted by those who practice them, whether right or wrong as determined by the personal belief system of others, then it will have served its purpose well.


( Although we live in a very disconnected situation of the world, through many challenges, United Oromos in Egypt-UORA is connecting the unconnected Oromo refugees and Asylum seekers. At the moment we are helping/ connecting more than 1500 Oromo Refugees and Asylum seekers by finding missing loved ones , minors,victim of tortures and victim of human trafficking and Women at risk connecting in our community to advocate for them. With help from Humanitarian organization, we believe we can help thousands of Ethiopian of Oromo origins and ultimately eradicate this horrible problems in Egypt. One People + Humanity = United Free Oromo's )


The goals of UORA are:

1.Unifying Oromo refugee community in Egypt.

2.Developing and keeping Oromo habits and traditions

3.Preserving Oromo culture and language

4.Organizing social, cultural and sports activities.

5.Helping the poor and vulnerable of Oromo community

6.Informing Oromo refugee community in Egypt of their rights and duties within the framework of the Egyptian regulations, habits and traditions.

7.Coordinating with all organizations such UNHCR, PSTIC, AMERA and other who were serving refugees.

8.Finding academic education opportunities for members of Oromo refugee community in Egypt especially children and youth.

9- Tracing missing Oromo asylum seekers and family reunion

10.Supporting Oromo women single mother mothers

11- Supporting Oromo rights.

UORA is planning to have 7 members staffs and it will be working as Volunteers for UORA in Egypt. more than 150 members are now registered .

UORA will be self funded (depends mainly on donations from well wishers and  volunteers).


What kind of activities do we consider a priority?

1- Conducting vocational training courses for members of Oromo refugee community members in Egypt.

2- Conducting computer courses for members of Oromo refugee community members in Egypt.

3- Conducting Oromo and English language courses for members of Oromo refugee community members in Egypt.

Target group:

UORA targets all Oromo refugees and Asylum seekers in different parts of Egypt.

Main activities:

Services that will be provided:

Directing UORA members in Egypt to service providers of legal aid, such as Africa and Middle East Refugee Aid (AMERA) and UNHCR.

·Providing health care with Caritas office

·Advocacy services to help refugees get through problems they might face during their existence in Egypt. 

·Providing news and coverage on problems and activities of Oromo community through a website on the internet: http://www.uora-egypt.webs.com/

UORA will have three thematic programs:

1)Sports program, where a football team that consists of 24 members that meets twice a week.

2)Women section, which consists of 60 members and tends to discuss issues and problems of women and girls.

3)Cultural program, which consists of signing band named "ODAA Oromo Group" that will takes part in concerts in cultural place like Opera house, Town house and other places. 

4) English training classes 

Problems that will face UORA work:

Internal problems:

·Lack of sustainable fund.

External problems:

.Problems with people using Oromo claims to get protection and resettlement under pretext of not knowing Oromo language because they are born in Addis Ababa and misinforming UNHCR by giving lies in the claims

Relations with other organizations working with refugees:

UORA is working with organizations working with refugees in Egypt, such as PSTIC which provides psychosocial support to refugees. In addition. Cooperates with AMERA and UNHCR to provide legal assistance to Oromo refugees in Egypt.

Future Needs:

Finding sustainable funds opportunities.

Training opportunities for the UORA staffers on CBOs running mechanisms such as: operational, project and financial management, strategic and operational planning, good governance, advocacy and lobbying, leadership skills, communication skills, community needs assessment, mutual cooperation and co-existence strategies, fundraising and proposal writing.

Dr. Rasha Kamel 

A Great humanitarian Professor /Doctor. Always makes refugees and Asylum seekers feel happy and putting smile on their faces especially female survivors of SGBV on their way through the thorny journey from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egyptian desert. She brightens up the faces of very vulnerable women and girls by giving them hope. She conducts many free medical checkups and free operations for women and girls survivors of SGBV; she has psychologically stabilized and keeps vulnerable SGBV women and girls happy. She helped to break down barriers as a woman doctor and crossed all norms by giving the vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers more hope in their recovery. She is highly respected by African refugees and asylum seekers. She leaves a lasting impression on every vulnerable refugee faces he meets at her clinic, whether she is black or brown, from East of west. She is really an extraordinary, kind and caring Doctor very sympathetic to the refugee girls and woman victim of SGBV by making Egypt a home by creating conducive environment in which refugees can really thrive.

She never discriminated based on religion or race or nationality, She supports and encouragement to live. Her energy and commitment make her a role model for refugee girls and children. She’s focused on ensuring to provide the best possible voluntary service for vulnerable female refugees and asylum seekers victim of SGBV, She touched or enriched the lives of many refugees and asylum seekers victim of SGBV, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves in voluntary bases. She is most compassionate Doctor I have never seen in Egypt for almost 15 years. She is the kind of person who goes out of her way to help the less fortunate every day. Thank you Professor Rasha Kamel.  


Dr. Kamel is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cairo University and Senior Consultant at the Fetal Medicine Unit (CAIFM) at Cairo University.

Dr. Kamel trained in the field of fertility at The Birmingham Women’s Hospital in the UK as well as in the Zentrum für Gynäkologie, Endokrinologie und Reproduktionsmedizinin Regensburg, Germany.

Dr Kamel trained in Fetal medicine at The Harris Birthwright Centre in London,UK with Prof Kypros Nicolaides as well as in the Pränatal Diagnosik Zentrum in Berlin,Germany with Professor Rabih Chaoui.

She was awarded a certificate of competence in 3D/4D ultrasound from the Vienna International Society of Ultrasound (VISUS). She has a certificate of competence in Fetal medicine and ultrasound from the Ian Donald International School of ultrasound. She is a member of the ISUOG international faculty.

She has numerous publications in international Peer reviews publications including The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as the Journal of The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Trueman visit to UORA EGYPT